The Skandi Flat-Weave Rug Range is ready for Spring




The words 'Scandinavian design' were first used around the 1950's and attributed to the brilliantly simple, colourful and functional Scandinavian style of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It's only recently that this theme has picked up steam as it aligns with the tastes of audiences world-wide and modern design as a whole.

Rug Culture would like to introduce to you our Skandi range. A simple yet delicate balance of patterning and colour that is extremely flexible in both the decor it can be placed with, and the type of room it loves to inhabit! As for the finer details of this range:

Shape: Rectangular
This rug comes in a rectangular shape, with 225 x 155 cm, 280 x 190 cm, 320 x 230 cm sizes being available for each colour variant.

Style: Flat-Weave
This means the rug is fully reversible, strong and easy to clean!

Material: Wool
When it comes to rugs, nothing beats wool. Fire resistant, soft, and holds colour extremely well.

Construction: Hand-Knotted
Individually knotted rugs are all one of a kind, with no two being the same. This construction method also lends to the durability of the rug.

Origin: India
With a long history of rug construction and skilled artisans, India is one of the most consistently reliable countries in the world of rug making. 

Colours available:

Grey, white, navy and multi-colour are available in a range of styling.

scandinavian black rug

300 - Black

scandinavian brown rug

300 - Brown

scandinavian grey rug

300 - Grey



scandinavian multi colour rug

300 - Multi

scandinavian white rug

300 - White

scandinavian grey rug

301 - Grey



scandinavian grey rug diamond pattern

302 - Grey

scandinavian grey circle pattern rug

303 - Grey

scandinavian natural rug pattern

303 - Natural



scandinavian black rug diamond pattern

304 - Black

scandinavian grey diamond pattern rug

304 - Grey

scandinavian silver white rug diamond pattern rug

304 - Silver



scandinavian black and white rug

305 - Black

scandinavian multi colour rug

305 - Multi

scandinavian black rug with white stripes

306 - Black



scandinavian black rug with multi colour stripes

306 - Multi

scandinavian white rug with multi colour stripes

306 - White

scandinavian black and grey rug

307 - Black



scandinavian blue and white rug

307 - Blue

scandinavian turquoise rug

307 - Turquoise

scandinavian white rug with black borders

307 - White



scandinavian grey zig zag rug

308 - Grey

scandinavian natural zig zag rug

308 - Natural

scandinavian navy zig zag rug

308 - Navy



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