Introducing the Abode Flat-Weave Rug Collection



 Abode Yellow Setting Shot

Sometimes simple is key, and the Abode range is stylish simplicity in rug form.
With a flat weave construction, coming in over 10 colours across two different designs - we're sure you'll love this back to basics range by Rug Culture.

Diamond and chevron patterning highlight a confident and dynamic sense of style that has the ability to effortlessly blend with a huge variety of settings.
A blend of cotton and Jute provide both durability and comfort to go alongside the remarkable craftsmanship put into the hand loomed construction of the Abode rug.

Shape: Rectangular
225 x 155 cm, 280 x 190 cm, 320 x 230 cm sizes are available in each colour and pattern type for the Abode rug.

Style: Flat-Weave
Simple design paired with easy cleaning. Fully reversible, and able to withstand heavy traffic.

Material: Jute + Cotton
One of our favorite blends due to the amazing properties of both fibres. Jute adds durability, whilst cotton provides comfort!

Construction: Hand-Loomed
This particular construction process allows for an extremely stable and tight rug that isn't as easily prone to wear and tear.

Origin: India
Specializing in Flat-Weave rugs, India is known world-wide to be extremely reliable and a consistent producer of beautiful rugs.

Colours and designs available:

With a total of 20 variations, there's something here for everyone.

abode chevron beige rug

Chevron Beige

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Abode Chevron Black Rug

Chevron Black

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Abode Chevron Blue Rug

Chevron Blue

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abode chevron chocolate rug

Chevron Choco

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abode chevron grey rug

Chevron Grey

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abode chevron green rug

Chevron Green

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abode chevron pink rug

Chevron Pink

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abode chevron purple rug

Chevron Purple

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abode chevron red rug

Chevron Red

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abode chevron yellow rug

Chevron Yellow

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abode diamond pattern beige rug

Diamond Beige

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abode diamond pattern black rug

Diamond Black

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Diamond Blue

Diamond Blue

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Diamond Chocolate

Diamond Choco

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abode diamond pattern grey rug

Diamond Grey

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abode diamond pattern green rug

Diamond Green

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abode diamond pattern pink rug

Diamond Pink

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abode diamond pattern purple rug

Diamond Purple

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abode diamond pattern red rug

Diamond Red

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abode diamond pattern yellow rug

Diamond Yellow

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