Our Gemini Range is Dynamic, Colourful and Vibrant!



 Striped multi colour gemini rug

The Gemini range allows for true freedom of expression with a huge collection of vibrant colours and patterning. If you're looking for a rug that will add some colour to a space, the Gemini range is for you.

Chevron, diamonds, stripes and teardrop patterning adorn the Gemini range brought to you by Rug Culture Australia - and with durable materials, word class construction methods and modern styling - this unique collection has something for everyone!

Shape: Rectangular and Runner
Rectangular: 230 X 160cm , 290 X 200cm , 330 X 240cm (selected designs only)
Runner: 300 x 80, 400 x 80

Style: Modern
Modern to the core, and one of our most vibrant ranges yet.

Material: Polypropylene
With a range as colourful as the Gemini, polypropylene will prevent fading and keep patterning intact like no other. 

Construction: Machine Made
Perfect, free of irregularities, and make in Turkey - the most reliable producer of machine made rugs in the world.

Origin: Turkey
Turkey is the producer of stunning machine made rugs renowned for their quality and ability to hold intricate design.

Colours available:

The Gemini range focuses on a dynamic array of colour, available across 15 different variants.

Gemini Multi Rug circle design


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Gemini White Rug teardrops


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Gemini Multi Rug diamond


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Gemini Multi rug diamond


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Gemini multi rug chevron


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Gemini multi rug checkered


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gemini teardrop eye multi rug


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gemini multi stripes on white


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gemini multi rug angled blocks


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gemini multi rug intricate pattern


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gemini multi rug scandinavian pattern


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gemini multi rug checkered pattern


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gemini rug blue jagged pattern


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gemini rug navy jagged pattern


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gemini rug in red with jagged pattern


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