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 Cherry Jute Atrium Rug


Circular simplicity and made to merge with existing decor. One of our easiest ranges to work with, and guaranteed to find a place in any space. Simple bold colours proudly present themselves in this collection inspired by the classic roots of natural fibre rug design.

There are eight different colours to choose from in this range - with the safer blacks and natural stylings to the more funky cherry and yellow - we're confident that there's a colour here for everyone!

This rug does extremely well as a focal point on a patio, any wooden flooring, or a space that just needs a bit of natural design to liven it up.

Shape: Round/Circular
Round sizing available in 120 x 120cm, 150 x 150cm and 240 x 240cm.

Style: Flat-Weave
Reversible and surprisingly soft for a natural fibre rug!  

Material: 100% Jute
Eco Friendly and made from a sustainable and renewable resource.

Construction: Hand-Braided
Hand Braided one of a kind rugs that radiate their own special individual colour.

Origin: India
Hand braided rugs from India are renowned for their quality, appearance and ability to maintain their original composition.

Colours available:

Bleached, Natural, Yellow, Silver Blue, Blue, Pink, Cherry, Black.

scandinavian black rug

300 - Black

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scandinavian brown rug

300 - Brown

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scandinavian grey rug

300 - Grey

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scandinavian multi colour rug

300 - Multi

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scandinavian white rug

300 - White

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scandinavian grey rug

301 - Grey

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scandinavian grey rug diamond pattern



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