If you love interiors, organization and a bit of pink - Ashlee is your girl. With a following of close to 100 000 on Instagram, Ashlee has amassed a loyal fan base who adore her Scandi boho style, great sense of humour and handy home tips. We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Ashlee on all things life and interiors which we’re excited to share with you below...



 You’re super-mum to 4 children! Did you always want a big family?

I absolutely did. My own family is really small. I have always been maternal and knew from my late teens that I wanted a big family. My husband is one of eight, and I love his huge family. So it was always in our plans to have at least 3-4 kids. 


Where did your love for interiors and organization come from?

I feel I have had this in me from such a young age. I remember growing up I was always rearranging my room and trying new things. Then in high-school my best friend and I actually made a pact that we would be interior designers. I met my husband when I was only 19, so kids and life had other plans. But my love was always there. It wasn’t until we built our house that I took the plunge to start my Instagram page. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would grow into what it has. I feel incredibly grateful that I get to do what I love every single day and help others create the spaces of their dreams or organise their homes. 

Do you have any tips for those of us who struggle to keep our homes in order?

It can be extremely overwhelming. But don’t let the pretty squares of Instagram fool you. Our home still has toys on the floor and is a normal lived-in house. But I always make sure to reset each night. So when we wake up it’s clean and ready to go again. Do little bits when you can. I used to have a whole day cleaning before kids, but once you have them you know that isn’t possible. So little bits each day helps keep on top of everything. Also get rid of anything you don’t need, decluttering helps immensely. Before each of the kids birthdays and Christmas they go through their toys and donate items to make way for the new. 


What are your top 3 decorating accessories at the moment?

I always love changing up rugs, throws and cushions. Changing these three things can change the entire look of a room. You can instantly freshen up a space by changing these up rather than getting new furniture. 

Tell us about your new Levi Peach 361 rug. What are you loving about it?

I am so obsessed with our new rug. Not only does it look absolutely stunning! But it is the softest rug I have ever had underfoot. The quality is amazing and it is so durable with kids and a dog. It has completely changed our back loungeroom making it instantly feel so cosy and beautiful. It’s love for sure! 

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