Agathe from AMA Studio Interiors is a Sydney-based interior designer and stylist whose signature style is sure to instantly make a space feel warm and welcoming.

Having recently transformed her own living room into a heavenly home of neutral-tones, rich textures and natural materials, we sat down with Agathe to chat about how she curated such a warm and relaxing space.

Read on for more on Agathe’s signature design style, how she’s styled our Atrium Barker rug, and a few design tips for those who are as obsessed with Agathe’s home as we are.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I always find this question difficult to answer because I don’t think my aesthetic really suits any specific style, it isn’t 100% Skandi or coastal. I am drawn to earthy colour palettes, rich textures and natural materials. I create interiors that are warm, relaxing and inviting. My style is minimalist but never sterile. I like to say that a home should feel like it’s giving you a big hug each time you get back!

What was the inspiration behind your new project?

Unlike interiors that I design for my clients, I didn’t really do any research or create a concept for my home. It is a true reflexion of my own style and aesthetic. I wanted our living room to feel warm and be a haven for my partner and I to unwind at the end of the day and enjoy a glass of wine or watch Netflix. I tried to avoid trends and chose pieces that are timeless and that I love. Being French, I have incorporated a few French pieces in the space, and I feel that our home is a mix of Australian and French interior design styles. I also have a few antique finds and some DIYs in our home that make it feel more unique. 

Tell us about why you chose our Atrium Barker Bleach rug for this space and how you styled it.

My partner and I are renting this apartment so we were limited in what we could change in the space. I like interiors that are bright, and the very dark floorboards didn’t really suit my aesthetics. I chose the Atrium Barker Bleach Rug for our living room as it was the perfect size for the space and because I love the natural element jute brings to a space.

I love that this rug has a lighter colour than most jute rugs, it completely transformed the space and it gives the illusion that we get more natural light in this room. This rug was also excellent value for money and is very durable, even with a cat!

Being an interior stylist can you share any tips for styling a space that flows as well as this one?

My top tip when styling a living room is to choose the right size furniture. If you have a small space, don’t go for a very large sofa or it will look completely out of place, but don’t go for small sized furniture either as they will make the space look even smaller. The only exception is with rugs, when it comes to rugs, the larger you can afford (and fit in the space) is usually better!

I also recommend not rushing your purchase decisions. When I find something I like, I usually wait before purchasing it and if I still love it after a few weeks or even months, then I know it’s the right piece and I’m not just following a trend. Your home should reflect your personality, it shouldn’t be a copy of someone else’s home.


What upcoming design trends are you loving right now?

I love that natural materials and organic shapes are now at the centre of the design scene. We see more and more raw materials and imperfect shapes in the interior world, which I find really grounding and relaxing - and I don’t think this will go away anytime soon! 


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