Tell us about this exciting makeover!

When my 8 year old son recently asked me if we could makeover his room, I realized it was in desperate need of some sprucing up. It was a mish mash of toys and décor from his earlier years and time to create a more relevant and functional space for him.


Tell us about your process

The first step was to have a chat with my son about what he wanted. I asked him to tell me about the theme he might like as well as a colour scheme. He requested a ‘Beach surf’ theme and aqua blue as his feature colour. He also requested a desk in his room. I knew that soft, comforting and cosy textures along with warm lights were important for my son who can sometimes feel anxious at bedtime. I also wanted to keep the space as clutter free as possible, and incorporate gentle colours to help him feel relaxed and calm.

The next step was to create a mood board to allow me to visualize the space as a whole. Eventually with some chopping and changing I landed on a range of products that worked beautifully together. I kept existing pieces that I felt still worked in his room such as his bedside table and bookshelf.



When I was confident that everything worked, I started ordering the pieces. I didn't order everything at once as I wanted to do it step by step and ensure my pieces worked together. The gorgeous vintage surf artwork was one of the first items I ordered, along with the desk and bedding. Next I added the bean bag, rug and sheepskin along with the plant. At the end I started adding the smaller décor items such as lamps and desk accessories. The very last thing to go up was the wall hanging which I made myself.



What are your top tips?


  1. Tailor your choices to your individual child. Everyone is different, so do what works for you!
  2. Start with a mood board. Stylesourcebook is a free and easy to use platform, perfect for creating your vision.
  3. Don't rush! Take your time to ensure your pieces work together and to consider your objectives along the way.


Tell us why you chose the Allure Ivory rug?

I feel like the Allure range has the most gorgeous textural element. The subtle lines and combination of rayon / cotton provides a beautiful fusion of luxe sophistication and raw earthiness which was just perfect for this space. I also like the fact it’s non shed and easy to vacuum. The Sheepskin is incredibly soft and dense which is nice to step out onto after getting out of bed, especially in Winter. It’s a winning combo which has transformed the room.


What’s the verdict? Is he loving his new room?

YES! He is so happy to have his very own, beautiful space. The desk has been a game changer. He is inspired to write in his journal before bed (getting him to write has always been challenging), and loves reading on his bean bag. He’s enjoying spending time in his room and seems calmer at bed time. It’s made a positive impact for sure, which is very exiting for us to see.


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