Bed Room Rugs 101

When it comes to the bedroom, comfort is key! There’s nothing like stepping out of bed and sinking your feet into a soft, decadent rug, especially when it’s chilly!

We also need to consider other factors such as whether or not shedding is an issue. For example, with young children or allergy sufferers, a woolen rug which is prone to some shedding isn’t the best option for the bedroom. And for carpeted bedrooms, a round rug placed under the foot of the bed maybe all you need to elevate the space.

1. Bigger is better. Choose a rug that’s large enough to sit under the bed with enough room on either side so that one can comfortably step onto the rug when getting out of bed (50-60cm). This not only creates balance and a focal point in the room but ensures comfort. We recommend a 330 X 240cm for a queen bed and a 400 X 300cm for a King bed – that’s if you have the space. We suggest leaving at least 50cm from the edge of the rug to the wall to encapsulate the space.

2. Incorporating subtle colours in your rug with décor in the bedroom such as cushions or artwork is an easy way to create flow and consistency within your space. We love the way KH Deigned has achieved this in her mood board which features our Reflections 104 Blue rug.


3. Consider both aesthetics and functionality.

    • Jute rugs are the perfect compliment to a Bohemian of coastal themed bedroom however they are not as soft as some of the other options and can be difficult to clean.
    • Wool rugs are soft, dense and have a luxurious texture but be prepared for some shedding
    • Synthetic rugs such as polypropylene are generally soft, hard wearing, low shed and easy to clean.

4. Round rugs, cowhides and smaller rugs in general can work really well in bedrooms, especially when layered with larger rugs. Consider using a round rug if you have a smaller bedroom which needs a pop of colour or texture. Using a round rug under the last third of the bed, positioned on the left or right can look absolutely stunning and add some interest to the space.