Colour With Rhiannon


If you’re a lover of colour, you’re not going to want to miss this! We’ve been following the most wonderful colour journey these past few months and were delighted to get the opportunity to talk with the talented Rhiannon recently about her beautiful home (@rhiannonsmyth over on Instagram). Rhiannon wows us time and time again with her masterful use of colour, bold patterns and beautiful shapes within her eclectic styling. She has cemented a signature style that we adore and can’t get enough of. These are some questions we asked about her journey, family life and interior tips recently. 



1) How did your signature ‘colourful styling’ come about?
I’ve always liked pops of colour. When we first bought this house we had a red feature wall in one of the living rooms so I used to style around that! But over the years I fell in love with pastels and have never looked back.
2) What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to style with colour?

Choose something that you love and don’t be afraid to give it a go. Start small with a print or cushion too!
3) What gives you creative inspiration to style?
I find lots of inspiration on Instagram and in home magazines.
4) Are there any new ventures you’re exploring in your craft?
Not at this stage, my Instagram page is just a hobby but it is fast becoming more than that!
5) What elements would you say complete a room?
Scale, textures, shape and colour
6) What is your favourite room to style?
My newly renovated ensuite has become my favourite room to style. But we have plans for a kitchen and main bathroom renovation next year so I’m sure it will change 😊