What makes a place feel like home?

Well, it’s a combination of things. However, Shriya from @ofmixednotions shows us how we can add calming tones and textural elements to create warmth and ambience to truly elevate your abode.
With her Instagram account @ofmixednotions, Shriya offers her audience a peek inside her beautiful, Scandinavian style home, inspiring her community with swoon worthy captures and dreamy reels. Shriya is a of master light and uses the natural light in her home to elevate her styling. Her signature neutral, soft and light filled styling is something we can’t get enough of so here are some questions we’ve been busting to ask the lovely Shriya.


1. How did your Interior styling journey begin?

Fabrics, textures, finishes and art excites my soul. I did my Bachelor’s in Interior Design and worked with firms in Singapore on hospitality (hotel) projects for over 7 years. After moving about a couple of countries, we finally emigrated to Australia 4 years ago and I wanted to keep my interior dreams alive. And so began my journey into using my home as a canvas of home styling for social media. I manage a page to keep my creative fire burning and inspire others into creating their own dream spaces.

2. What are the first steps to styling a room?

I always start with the functionality element - What is the purpose of this room?!

So essentially, begin with planning the space layout. Next, define your style or theme you want to work with and gather inspiring imagery or appropriate selections (furniture and materials). Figure out the floor elements then the walls. Remember to add your own personality (distinctive decor, lighting or accessories) that would complement the room aesthetics.

3. What are 3 key decor items every room should have?

  • A statement rug that brings about the character of a room.
  • Pillow or throw blankets to induce a bit of softness and warmth.
  • Vases and flowers adds a charming and visually pleasing vibe.

4. Where do you get your design inspiration from?

Magazines, online blogs and Pinterest (internet in general) are a good source of finding inspiration along with stumbling across cafes, offices, restaurants, or accommodation/hotels that speak to my design language.

5. Are there any new design features you are trying to bring into your home?

I am trying to adopt minimalism, practicality and declutter spaces in my home.

6. Is there a reason why you mostly use neutral, light, and timber colours when creating?

The aesthetics of using softer tones, textures and colors appeals to me. I love using neutrals in a space to create a serene, warm and laid back look. The natural sun light is my muse and embracing it to create my own hygge is what matters to me personally. Earthy shades bring about a harmonious , contemporary, inviting and captivating mood which would never go out of style.