Kid friendly rugs

how to choose

Choosing a rug for your kids room can be an overwhelming decision. Let’s face it, little people can be grubby! Durability and cleanability are two of the key features we look for in a kid friendly rug.

We’ve rounded up our favourite kid friendly collections and highlighted the pro’s and cons of a range of materials for you to consider when selecting that perfect rug for your child’s space.



Polypropylene is probably our favourite rug material due to its outstanding durability in high traffic areas, spill and stain resistance and low-shed qualities. This is such a great option for children with asthma or allergies thanks to its very low shed yarn and cleaning is super easy. Simply spot clean with mild, clear detergent and an absorbent cloth ensuring never to rub the pile surface. Polypropylene rugs are a brilliant option in play areas, family rooms or anywhere prone to high traffic, spills or accidents.



Natural fibres such as Jute are another great option for kids room styling. Being a bio-degradable material, Jute rugs have a textured feel and are hard wearing in high traffic areas. Although jute is robust and eco-friendly, it can be a challenge to clean and is not the softest option for little people. We recommend Jute or jute blend rugs in nursery’s where there is low foot traffic. Jute accent rugs can also work beautifully in play spaces where they can add a pop of colour or a bit of interest.



Wool is a natural fibre with many benefits. Woollen rugs are soft underfoot and fairly robust, however cleaning can prove to be challenging if you don’t take action quickly. Wool is naturally fire retardant and mildew resistant.

On the other hand, wool sheds and this can prove to be a con if your child suffers from asthma or allergies. Wool naturally absorbs humidity, so think twice if your home suffers from damp. Wool can be more expensive than other rug materials but they tend to last longer.




We love the fact that Polyester and Acrylic have the same soft foot feel as wool, but without the price tag. These compositions are the perfect budget friendly options and tick the boxes for durability and cleanability.

In terms of wear, these yarns aren't as robust as the others mentioned above, so be prepared to replace these qualities more regularly.