The most beautiful art deco home on the gram @theartdecohouse is a unique, light filled haven! We adore each beautiful detail in this art deco home and were lucky enough to catch up with Eliana recently, who tells us more about her home and styling journey.

What separates Eliana’s style from the rest is her amazing use of décor, used to add depth and textures to the spaces whilst maintaining simplicity and balance. Eliana demonstrates masterful discipline and talent in her mostly white abode, and we’re so excited to share our Q&A with you!


1. How did you get into interior styling?

I studied both Interior design and Fine Arts at Uni in my early 20’s. After Uni I did a lot of travelling, and worked in different fields, including Visual Merchandising for a few years. It wasn’t until we started our reno and had our babies, that I rekindled my passion for interior design and styling once again!

2. What is most rewarding once a room is styled?  

When it looks and feels so different, and it just feels finished! It’s so satisfying!

3. Why are décor items important for a room?

Decor items are so important! I love that you can totally transform the look and feel of a space with just a few decor items!

4. How did you choose your colour palette?

I progressively started using less colour as I’ve gotten older and became drawn to calming and relaxed interiors since having our girls. I’m also heavily influenced by my travels and inspired by European interiors. I just love how effortless and beautiful they are.


5. What are key elements to styling a room?

Textures is a big one for me! I think texture can bring a lot of interest to a space! I love adding beautiful linens, textured throws, cushions, and beautiful woven rugs! I also love to add fresh flowers or foliage in beautiful vases and vessels. They bring so much life to a space!

6. In your opinion when is a room finished?

When it looks effortlessly beautiful from every angle!