We are so excited to share this incredible make over, we are brimming with pride (if we don’t say so ourselves!)

 Last year we were asked to make over the Children’s Protection Unit (CPU) at Randwick Hospital.  While we were not familiar with the role the CPU played, when we discovered what these incredible humans do, we jumped at the chance to be involved.

 The CPU is a medical and  counselling service that provides therapy for children and young people to overcome symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by their experience of physical abuse or emotional abuse and neglect.

 Afsoon Kisirwani (Rug Culture) took up the challenge to transform 2 rooms with talented interior designer, Emma Blomfield. We worked closely with the team at the CPU to deliver an aesthetically beautiful yet functional result.

 In a bid to create a stronger sense of comfort and security for these children experiencing crisis, we worked with some incredible sponsors to replace the décor which was becoming tired and outdated. Our goal was to transform the way the rooms felt for the children, social workers, doctors and every person that steps foot in those rooms. 

 In a collective effort, the  CPU team rolled up their sleeves on the day with Afsoon and Emma to pull off the amazing transformation in just one day.



 Thanks to the kindness and generosity of several sponsors (see below), we were able to achieve the outcomes set out in our brief and deliver a beautiful, secure and functional space which literally brought tears to the eyes of one of the social workers on the day.


Thank you to our generous Sponsors

 Unitex International - Co-ordination

Rug Culture - Rugs, Ottomans, Couch

Emma Blomfield - Interior Design

Frenchie Knows Best - Cushions

Wall Sticker Company - World Map and Quote Sticker

Temple and Webster - Side Tables, Kids Tables, Coffee Tables

Incy Interiors - Kids Table

Inoko - Diffusers – French Pair