We were lucky enough to catch up with the gorgeous Hayley from Sweetlittlestory recently, who shared some interesting aspects of her influencer and family life with us. Hayley, who is based in Adelaide has amassed almost 150 000 followers and is an authority on the Instagram scene! With a knack for styling, we were intrigued to learn more about Haley’s top tips when it comes to decorating her family home, and how she is enjoying her new LEVI rug by Rug Culture.


1. How did your journey with Sweetlittlestory begin?


My sister actually started up my account for me 6.5 years ago, when Valentina was 6 months old, because she was moving interstate and wanted to keep up to date with Vali’s photos! This was before the time of mum bloggers, when influencers didn’t exist, and there were no big sponsored campaigns. I had never even heard of Instagram before!😝🙈 ...and it all just took off from there when I started posting pics of my cute baby doll!


2. Tell us about your decorating style...


Casual, comfy, coastal. We live right near the beach here in Adelaide, and it’s my favourite place on earth. It grounds me. So I wanted to bring that vibe in to my home. Colours are soft and calm, textures are abundant, and the furniture is comfy. The perfect place to rest and relax.


3. What qualities do you look for when sourcing décor for you home?


It has to feel like ‘me’. I don’t often go for the current ‘on-trend’ pieces, but rather for pieces that suit me, my personality and my family’s lifestyle. 


4. What are your top 3 styling tips?


Well, I have three young children so my styling tips are influenced a lot by that fact!

  • I always pick things that are unbreakable! Haha!! No pretty glass vases around here!! So sad, I know! But I always pick pieces that can survive in our busy home. Pretty, yet practical. 
  • I love bringing nature inside. I feel like natural elements, such as timber, wool wall hangings, dried palms etc make perfect statement pieces and give the home an earthy, casual feel. 
  • If I’m stuck on colour choices for my home, I go to my wardrobe for inspo and look at the colours, tones and textures I repeatedly buy and feel comfy in. In my wardrobe you’ll find chunky knits, natural linens, creams, nudes and blush pinks, so I try to replicate this in my home styling, as I know I’ll feel comfortable surrounded by these elements. 


5. What do you love about our LEVI range?


I LOVE every aspect! But particularly the soft, dreamy tones, and the luxurious textured feel of the rugs. They feel like walking on a cloud!