When Liz Amaya agreed to do a Q&A with us we were over the moon! If you're not familiar with the beautiful, talented and witty Liz already, you're in for a treat. Liz has become very well renowned in the industry for her distinct yet simple Scandinavian style, home and lifestyle tips and her all round gorgeous nature. For a little insight into Liz's influencer and family life, read on...


Give us 3 fun facts about yourself 

1. I love renovating / transforming spaces 
2.  I am absolutely petrified of heights and water but was a Flight Attendant for 5 years before I had my first baby
3. I love Coffee and can’t function without it 

What is your decorating style?
My decorating style would be Contemporary Scandi style. However, with a Modern Australian twist if that’s even a style. I love bright, light and airy with a muted palette.

What has been your proudest Liz Amaya Style moment?
One of my proudest moments would be being interviewed and featured in Grand Designs magazine. It was a story on Winter Styling in your home and how to achieve a cozy space.

How do you achieve work life balance being mum to 4 kids?
Balancing work / home life with four children is certainly busy. I am a Mum full time and I started this journey so I could still be present and work around the kids.
Slowly my business has grown and I am lucky I can work my time around the kids and manage my own work load. It does mean working on the weekends, and responding to emails at 11pm some days but it certainly allows me to have the best of both worlds and I miss nothing when it comes to my kids so I am blessed in that sense.
What are your top tips for someone looking to buy a new rug?

  • Visualise the space it’s going in, whether it’s a mood board or cut outs of other furniture pieces in the space. Have a play around with colour and texture to ensure they marry well together.
  • Pick your Rug after you have your large key pieces of furniture in the space 
  • Don't be afraid to go bold with a rug, it adds another element of texture to a space and adds a visual focal point 
  • Go extra large in a living space so your Rug sits under the feet of your Sofa and has plenty of coverage under coffee table 
  • The Rug should be one of the last items to go in a space and complete the look




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