We recently had the privilege of catching up with Darren Palmer, a name synonymous with Australian Interior design. We were over the moon when we saw the jaw dropping interior of his Byron Bay holiday home which includes our new Mayfair Caitlen rug in grey (pictured).

You may know Darren as a judge from the TV series ‘The Block’, or for his work as one of Australia’s most leading Interior Designers. Either way, we’re lucky to have Darren here to answer some questions on all things life and Interiors.

How would you describe your style?

I’d like to think that my style adapts to the location and brief of the project but it’s always inspired by nature. I’d also describe it as contemporary, comfortable and hopefully stylish.

Many of us know you as a judge from the TV series, The Block. Were there any challenges shooting for the show this year with Covid impacting the country?

Of course, the world had challenges far greater than ours but we were under the same pressures as everyone in terms of shutdowns, closures and not being able to go about everyday life in the way that we were used to. We, though, were very lucky that we were able to stop when the government said we needed to break and start as soon as we were able to travel for work again so we were able to scrape the final week of the block, the final judging and the contestant’s last day only days before Melbourne was shut down again. All in all I’d say we were pretty fortunate.

What was your most memorable moment from the Block this year?

I love kitchen week and every house was amazing this year but I was most moved by our first week back to the Block after Covid restrictions ended. I could only imagine how hard it was to leave the ones they love, work within the Block bubble and then return to them, only to have to leave again, not knowing if anyone was safe. This year’s contestants truly had the hardest challenge of any of the Blocks thus far.

We love the way you’ve styled our Mayfair rug in your Byron Bay holiday home. What are your top 3 tips for someone looking to style a rug into their own space?

Always choose a large rug. Generally people are too timid with the size of their rug. In my opinion the rug should at least sit under the front feet of all furniture, if not sitting underneath all furniture, within the space.
Choose rugs that are fit for your purpose in terms of construction and material. There’s no use choosing a rug that is made from a delicate material if your family environment is less than delicate.
Choose rugs to complete or compliment your decor choices. Rugs can be as transformative as art and should be chosen for feeling or mood, as well as pattern, colour and texture.

What will your first holiday destination be when travel becomes a reality again and why?

Most likely it will be France so we can see our French family and reconnect with them. It’s been a long year but fortunately my in-laws were with us for 5 weeks this time last year, which was a long time at the time but such a blessing in retrospect.