The Generous & the Grateful


Tell us a bit about Generous & Grateful and the work that you do.

The Generous and the Grateful connects excess household goods with people in need of a fresh start. For someone recovering from domestic abuse, detention, homelessness or any number of situations, moving into a place of their own should be an incredible moment. They’re not in a shelter, on the street or someone’s couch – it’s their space and they can start to take charge again. But it can be a real challenge when that new home is empty- no bed to sleep in, or nothing to keep their food safe or clothes clean.

As a volunteer-based charity, we source beautiful used furniture and white goods, from businesses and individuals, and deliver these bulky essential items to recipients as they move into housing.

Having a comfortable home is a first step for families to rebuild their lives after falling on hard times, a secure foundation for their future to be built upon. Simply put we are in the business of connecting kindness and providing support to those that have lost their community, so they feel seen and valued.

We are the mates with muscles and a truck to move the trickiest items when you get the keys.

We are different because we work through frontline community workers who understand the complex needs of their clients. We like to take ‘homing’ off their list so they can focus resources on education, employment, mental health and financial independence.


How many humans / families were you able to assist with housing in 2020? Did your clients require these homes to be furnished?

In 2020, we are proud to say we furnished 489 homes, helping over 1200 humans, and in the process diverted over 121 tonne from unnecessary landfill.


What do you find are the most important/useful household items for someone who is struggling and why?

We focus on the tricky, heavy, expensive items that seem impossible when you have little; most importantly a bed, fridge, washing machine, sofa and dining table.

For someone escaping domestic violence or at risk of homelessness, the comforts of home are so important. When you can sleep well, eat well and recover well, you have a much better chance of living your best life.  

With the generous support of our partners in kindness, like Unitex, and other socially active businesses or private donors we can source excellent items that help make a house a home for our resilient recipients. We love how a beautiful designer rug really ties it all together, providing warmth and comfort to all.


We are a proud GG supporter and donate rugs to the charity each month. Are there any items that are a challenge to secure for your clients?

Whitegoods, whitegoods, whitegoods! We're always on the hunt for fridges to keep food safe and washing machines to help a family get ready to face the day ahead. With a full belly and fresh clothes it is easier to succeed at school and work, connect with community and maintain self esteem.

We always tag and test all our appliances to make sure they are good and ready to go for our much deserving recipients.


What are you goals for 2021 and how can everyday Aussies help make them a reality?

We dream about an Australia where all people assisted into housing have access to the bulky essentials to make it a true home, enabling them to thrive.

In 2021 we are focused on becoming more efficient through clever partnerships and technology so that together we can help more vulnerable people, complete more homes, all while helping the planet at the same time. Transport partners are a major focus, as well as pro-bono support with PR, Recruitment and Training.

Remember if you are giving items - better than nothing isn’t the right approach, we are here to truly uplift. If you want to really help, ask what is really needed and wanted, and then act. Don’t wait to give back, it’s always the right time to take part, and step up for those in need of some kindness. Our wish is to accompany those on their path to a brighter future.

We are ALWAYS looking for amazing humans to join our volunteer effort, roles include customer service, order fulfillment, special projects and more. Reach out to us at

And if you want to help us keep our kindness wheels turning, we are looking to raise the funds to run our truck so we can continue delivering beautiful items at no cost to those having a really tough time. 

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