Atrium Target Cotton and Jute Rug

Featured is a masterful blend of simple yet captivating design that does not stray from the winning formula of past success. This material creates a rug that people will take notice of and become a topic of conversation due to the unique styling inspired by the latest in modern design.


  • 60% Cotton & 40% Jute
  • Flat-weave
  • Hand Braided
  • Made in India

Available in the following sizes:

  • 120X120CM
  • 150X150CM
  • 200X200CM
  • 240X240CM

Atrium Target Cotton and Jute Rug Product Code:

  • ATR-TAR-MULT-120x120
  • ATR-TAR-MULT-150x150
  • ATR-TAR-MULT-200x200
  • ATR-TAR-MULT-240x240
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