Interior design enthusiast,  product stylist, super-mum - these are just a few of the many hats Tayah from @simplecasita wears. From showing us around her Pinterest-worthy home, to her clever DIY projects, it’s needless to say Tayah has an amazing eye for design.

We sat down with Tayah to chat about her signature design style, advice on decorating with children, and how she styles her Rug Culture pieces like a pro. 


1) Give us 3 fun facts about yourself 

  1. I am the third eldest of four children. I always wanted to have four children of my own but stopped at three.  
  1. I love to travel and had the opportunity to travel to Europe in 2018 kid free. It was the most amazing three weeks of my life. I fell in love with the beautiful architecture and interiors and hope to travel back there again soon.  
  1. I had a deep fear of needles as a child which I have had to get over as an adult. It has however, helped me become more empathetic towards my children getting vaccinated.  

 2) How would you describe your decor style?

I would describe my decor style as contemporary with Scandinavian influence. I always try to choose timeless decor items that will stand the test of time such as marble, brass, light timber and leather. 

3) As a super-mum of three, what’s your secret in keeping your spaces functional and family friendly while still maintaining a strong design style and aesthetic?

This can be a challenge and I certainly don’t have the perfect recipe. As a mum I have never child proofed the home. The kids have their own kids area just outside their bedrooms which is their own space and I try to encourage them to pack away when they finish playing. Also as the boys have gotten older, they also appreciate and have a keen eye for design. They had a lot of input into how their rooms were curated and styled.  

4) As someone who has styled multiple Rug Culture pieces in their home, what are your top tips for someone looking to style a rug like a pro?

Rugs can be a big investment so it pays to choose well and buy quality. My top tip would be to choose a rug that is versatile and that is likely to work in with all your decor. I have the Skandi in grey and Harvest rug in ivory from Rug Culture which are both incredibly neutral and pair so beautifully with all my decor. I would also suggest considering whether you want to be able to move your rug between rooms. If you’ve been following along on the gram, you’ll notice that I recently moved my Skandi rug from my living room to my master bedroom to achieve a whole new look.  

Quick-fire Questions

Vintage decor or Brand new? 

Brand new but I love the natural patina of aged brass

Accent pillows or Throws?

Both. Can you ever have too many pillows or throws? 

Plants or Flowers?

Flowers all the way! I love to buy fresh flowers from the markets every Saturday. It’s my weekend ritual. 

Candles or Vases?

Both. I have more vases than I have storage and I just adore candles so much that I’ve even made my own. 

You can find Tayah on Instagram @simplecasita