Stepping into Kim’s guest bedroom, you instantly feel relaxed, comfortable and oh, so happy. Maybe it's the room's warm butterscotch tones that make us feel right at home, or perhaps it’s the casual layering of rich textures and natural materials. 


Either way, we were curious as ever to sit down with Kim from @vande.home to find out more about her inspiration behind this stunning bedroom refresh, her top tips for those aspiring to makeover a space of their own, and how she styled our Skandi 300 White rug like a pro. 



1. The overall feel and colour story you’ve chosen is nothing short of breathtaking. What was your inspiration behind this room makeover?

When we built this home we knew we would have guests stay with us a lot as my husband’s family all live in New Zealand, so we wanted to make sure the room was cozy and inviting. Instagram has a plethora of inspiration for warm inviting rooms and we knew that’s what you wanted when you stay somewhere, you want to feel welcomed. So that’s what we looked for in furniture, textiles and décor. We wanted to design with purpose.

I’ve said before it’s so important for the spare bedroom to be a sanctuary not just a dumping ground so by creating a space with different textures and layers I’m hoping our guests will never want to leave. We definitely took inspiration from our bedroom linen by Bambury, we even had Tint paint colour match the paint to the fabric.



2. What has been your favourite part of the design process?

I think my favourite part was that I created my own moodboard/vision board and it looked incredible together, I love planning everything so having a moodboard really grounded my ideas. 


I was just hoping that it all came together when it was in the room, when each piece arrived in the mail it felt like Christmas because I knew it was going to work. It sounds so silly to be so excited over décor but everything just worked! Once we rolled out the Skandi Rug and changed the linen it really came together.



3. We love how your styling highlights the rich textures and soft details of our Skandi 300 White rug. Do you have any tips for styling a rug like a pro?

That’s one of our favourite details of the room, we love how the Skandi 300 Rug in white centres the room, it also means that the room remains warm as the carpet underneath although neutral has quite a cool tone to it. My biggest tip is to go big or go home, You want to make sure the rug is large enough to hold your bed, have extra width on either side of the bed and at the end to walk on. We also chose the white Skandi Rug as its neutral meaning whatever linen we have on the bed the rug will also compliment the space.

4. Re-designing a space can sometimes seem a little overwhelming to some. Do you have any advice for those looking to update a space of their own?

Work out what’s important to you in that space and build on it, or what you like. For this room warmth was important to us, I loved the Bambury linen so I worked on finding pieces that complimented that. You also don’t have to spend large to create a beautiful space, all the furniture we have in this room is from Mocka and E-living and they have incredible affordable options and you can style them to suit your style. Mixing up linen and print can also change the feel of a room. We kept this space neutral so I can see us in summer throwing on a white linen quilt cover with some straw cushions for a beachy vibe but we would still have added warmth from the painted arch headboard. If all of that is still too overwhelming? Create moodboards/visionboards, I love Canva to create mine.  



5. Can we expect to see any more future room reveals?


Next up is a big boy room for my son, we are on a mission to create a fun space that can grow with him so we are moving out of the nursery and into his own space, hoping that will be finished by September. I will be starting a new job around then too where I will be working from home so I have a home office I have to create! Then eventually I would love to give our Master Bedroom a revamp, right now it lacks personality and is rather dull, but it’s such a large space with so much light and potentialI like to keep busy!

You can follow along with more of Kim’s styling adventures on Instagram at @vande.home